(Trailer) Aelita Andre 'Prodigy of Colour' with SKIRA

조지 와이드너 - CBS Sunday Morning

조지 와이드너 - 디스커버리 채널/ George Widener: Indigenous Mind, Discovery Channel

리코 마레스카 갤러리와 조지 와이드너/ Ricco/Maresca Gallery with George Widener

조지 와이드너 - 존 마이클 콜러 아트 센터/ George Widener, John Michael Kohler Arts Center

Purvis Young of Overtown

Purvis Young Museum

워킹하우스뉴욕 - 세계천재들의 작품 전시 전문관 

Virtual Artist Studio Visit with KVG

Aelita Andre - Welcome To My Secret Universe

Mini Documentary: Aelita Andre and James Warhola in Chengdu

Aelita Andre - Prodigy of Color Exhibition 

in New York City

9-Year-Old Abstract Painter Aelita Andre Opens Solo Show in Famed Museum

PAINTING LIVE: 'United Frosty Fire Worlds Of Cosmic 

Aelita Andre: Soundpaintings Performance in the Russian Academy of Fine Arts Museum, 2016

Interview with Patrick Hughes  -Scott Richards Contemporary Art, SUPERSPECTIVISION 2008

Patrick Hughes: Superspectivism -Studio International, 2013

Patrick Hughes - Reverse Perspective Paintings