Jane Edden

제인 에덴 (b. 1966)

제인 에덴은 영국 서식스에서 자랐고 맨체스터 폴리테크닉에서 산업 디자인 학사 학위를 받았다. 여러 레지던시 이외에도 제인 에덴은 2001년 영국, 케임브리지셔의 와이싱아트센터에 참여했으며 영국, 일본 및 미국에서 전 세계적으로 전시했다. 그녀는 런던의 줄리엣 검퍼츠 트러스트 프로젝트 기금 상을 포함하여 엄선된 상을 받았다.

제인 에덴의 작업의 주제는 과학과 미학의 교집합에 있으며, 다양한 재료를 넘나들며 자연과 문화 사이의 불규칙한 교류에 대한 접근을 탐구해왔다. 각 프로젝트는 별도의 작업으로 보이지만 모두 빛, 소리, 움직임 및 비행을 모티브로 채택해 인간과 자연과의 관계, 하늘을 날고 싶은 인간의 욕망을 표현한다. 

Jane Edden grew up in Sussex and received her BA in Industrial Design from Manchester Polytechnic. Among other residencies, Edden attended the Wysing Arts, Cambridgeshire, in 2001 and has exhibited her work globally in the UK, Japan & the US. She has received a selection of awards including the Juliet Gomperts Trust's Project Funding Award, London.

The subject of Edden's work is at the intersection of science and aesthetics, working across materials, seeking access to irregular interchanges between nature and culture. Although each project is seen as a separate body of work, they all adopt a similar theme of light, sound, movement and flight.

Direction Point

Mirage III-C



Fuselage Lengthened

FN-333 Riviera




Wing Worn

Ungulate (Bison),  Ungulate (Goat), Ungulate (Boar)




2016 Avian Forms, Horniman Museum & Gardens, London 


Ornithomorph, Flowers Cork Street 1996 

Recent Creations, Cassian de Vere Cole Fine Art, London 


Hunter Gatherer, Flowers Cork Street 

Pigeonhole, BCA Gallery, Bedford 


Flowers gallery, New York 

Installations, Wolstenholme Projects, Long Night of the Biennial, Liverpool 

2007, Avionics, Flowers East, London 

2006, Migration, England & Co., London 

2004, If I'm Breathing, I'm Singing, Patrick Allan-Fraser Memorial Chapel, Arbroath, Scotland 

2000, Solar Labels, Blumenthal & Lynne, New York 

1999, Fly on the Wall, Idee Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 

1998, Encasing a Case, Idee Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 




New Work by Gallery Artists, Flowers Gallery, Kingsland Road, London 

Small is Beautiful 2016, Flowers gallery, Cork Street, London 

Mechanical Things, Thinktank Science Museums, Birmingham 

Little and Large, Falmouth City Art Gallery 

Pop-Up Exhibition of Flowers Gallery Artists, NockArt Gallery, Wang Chuk Hang, Hong Kong 


The Print Show, Flowers Cork Street, London 

London Art Fair, Business Design Centre, London 

FLOCK: Birds on the brink, Lotusland, California 


Small is Beautiful XXXI Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow & Blue? Flowers Kingsland Road, London 

Selected Works by Gallery artists, Flowers Kingsland Road, London 

Breathless, Rush Arts Gallery, New York 

London Original Print Fair, RA, London 

Inspiring Kew, Shirley Sherwood Gallery, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London 

Small is Beautiful, Flowers New York 


The London Original Print Fair, London 

From Grimm to Reality, Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury 

2012 Small is Beautiful, Flowers Central, London 


Mass Movement, Multimedia installation, Castle Quay 

I know a place, Flowers Kingsland Road, London 


40 Years On, Flowers Kingsland Road, London 

Because we are small, Flowers Cork Street, London 

What a Relief, Flowers Kingsland Road, London 

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 

2009, Small is Beautiful, Flowers, Kingsland Road, London 


Small is Beautiful, Flowers, New York 

Los Angeles Art Show, Los Angeles 

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 

2007 Langham Fine Art, Suffolk 

Art Miami & Palm Beach Contemporary Art Fair, Miami 

Small is Beautiful, Flowers, New York 

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London 

2006 Case Study, Beyond the Valley, London touring to Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth 

Sensory Material, Bonhams, London 

Substance and Light, Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, Utica, New York 

2005, Sartorial 05, England & Co., London 


Sartorial 03, England & Co., London 

Shankill Co-op, Shankill Castle, Kilkenny, Ireland 

Sculpture in Context, National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin 

Nomads Land, Michigan University, Michigan 

Video installations, Sculpture Space, New York 

2002, Solar Summer, Wysing Arts, Cambridgeshire 


Art 2001, England & Co., London 

Succulent Fruits, Spica Museum, Tokyo, Japan 

The Map is Not the Territory, Jane Edden and Chris Kenny, England & Co., London 


Continuation, England & Co., London 

Galerie Vieille du Temple, Paris 

1998 Still Life, Collyer Bristow, London 


Flying Bullets, Cassian de Vere Cole Fine Art, London 

Images of the Sea, Cadogan Contemporary, London 

1996 Cadogan Contemporary, London 


The Land of Summer, The Fine Art Consultancy, London 

Cadogan Contemporary, London 




2009, Post secret, Public Sculptures, St David'S2 partnership, Cardiff 

2008, BCA Residency, Bedford 


Mass Movement, Multimedia installation, Sonic Arts Network, Plymouth 1999 Aviary - Interactive kinetic public sculpture, Bluewater, Kent 

2006, Project Funding Award, Juliet Gomperts Trust, London 


Robert Flemming Residency, Hospitalfield, Arbroath, Scotland 

Sculpture Space Residency, New York 

2002, Wysing Arts Residency, Cambridgeshire 

2000, Solar Insects, Installation for Richard Blumenthal, New York