Aelita Andre

앨리타 안드레 (b. 2007)

앨리타 안드레는 호주에서 태어나 생후 9개월부터 그림을 그리기 시작했고 2세에 최연소로 정식 등단한 서양 화가다.  그 후 뉴욕, 첼시에서 “Prodigy of Color” 미국 첫 개인전을 열며 일주일 만에 전시된 모든 작품이 완판된 기록을 세웠다.

우주론과 이론 물리학에 관심 있으며 그녀의 자유정신을 추상 미술의 화려한 색채와 흩뿌리기 기법으로 표현한다. 그녀만의 페인팅 기법을 “Magical Abstraction”이라 불린다. 작품을 보는 이의 상상과 다양한 관점에 의해서 추상화의 숨겨진 다른 세계를 탐험하고 경험할 수 있기 때문이다.

또한, 앨리타 안드레는 소리에 대해 탐구하며 세상 만물의 음파, 화음과 조합으로 이루어진 세계를 표현하고자 노력한다. 그녀의 독특한 “Touch-painting”과 “Sound-painting” 기법으로 보이지도 들리지도 않는 세계의 소리를 드러내며 새로운 감각적 경험을 만든다.

Aelita Andre, (born 2007), is an Australian born abstract painter. She first began to paint professionally from nine months old when her amazing acrylic on canvas paintings were included in her solo exhibition in Australia at age two. In essence she embodies the rich expressive artistic impulses that the fathers of modern art such as Kandinsky and Klee drew upon over 100 years ago to create the entire abstract art movement. In Aelita Andre it is as if art creation itself in all its purity and its essence is being returned to its source, to the wellspring from which it was originally derived. Picasso and Rothko acknowledged the superiority of the art of a child in its ability to be visually brazen, bold and  - the characteristic they above all yearned for - new and revolutionary. Aelita Andre breaks away from the conformity and convention of western art to truly create art works stunning in their vivacity and originality. A child is the true modern artist. They are free, unhindered, pure in their application and motivation.


In her paintings Aelita is not concerned with representation or figuration. She is far too broad and free-spirited to confine herself. Some works may allude to thematic concerns and employ found objects but they are blissfully contumacious. Aelita is overwhelmingly interested in colour, texture, shape, line as a raw expressive ingredient in the process of creation. Bubbling, powdery, glistening surfaces intrigue her experimental mind and she finds the infinite dazzling variations of the interplay of colour immensely exciting. Every stroke, smear and splash is the indelible signature of innocence - the subconscious mind 'writing' its own existence - in the moment - onto a canvas using paint and found objects.


Today Aelita Andre is an internationally recognized artist whose solo exhibition at Agora Gallery, New York, in 2011 sold out in seven days. Created with the joy and free spiritedness of her youth, her expressively colorful abstracts are remarkable evidence of her spontaneous intuitive impulses. Intention and message are at their most abstract in her art. Her art has been described as wildly imaginative eruptions of color in a kaleidoscopic phantasmagoria of paint and found objects.

-from Aelita Andre's website



Exhibitions / Performances

2018, solo show, Music of the Infinite, Glow Studios Gallery, Melbourne Australia

2018, solo show, Infinite Wonder, Art Basel Miami, Miami, USA

2018, live painting for Warner Brothers Germany

2017, solo POP-UP exhibition, Infinite Wonder, Melbourne, Australia, Glow Studios Gallery

2016, solo museum show, Russian Academy of Fine Arts Museum, St Petersburg, Russia

2015, solo show, Tai Koo Li, Chengdu, China

2015, Public painting in Chianciano Art Biennale, Italy

2014, solo exhibition, AHAF Hong Kong

2014, solo exhibition, Yan Gallery, Hong Kong

2014, solo exhibition, Oracle of Space, Gallery 151, Chelsea, New York, featuring groundbreaking 'Soundpaintings'

2012, solo exhibition, Secret Universe, Agora Gallery, New York, USA

2012, solo Photography Exhibition, Galaxy of Love, Anita Traverso Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2012, live painting, Times Square, New York, USA

2011, solo exhibition, Prodigy of Color, Agora Gallery, New York, USA

2011, solo exhibition, Cosmos, Agora Gallery, New York, USA

2010, participant exhibition, International Art Melbourne, Australia

2010, New York solo Show, Chelsea, NY, USA

2009, solo exhibition, Aelita, BSG, Melbourne, Australia

2009, International exhibition, Plaza Hollywood, Hong Kong

2008, Soul Catcher, BSG, Melbourne, Australia


2017, Skoda Kodiaq, brand ambassador

2017, Original Marines, Spring/Summer 2017 designer, capsule collection

2015, China International Art Exhibition, Aelita Andre and James Warhola collaboration on display in the Chengdu Museum

2015, Headline artist to Chianciano Biennale, Tuscany, Italy

2012, Samsung, GALAXY camera brand ambassador

Non-Profit Collaborations / Charity Work

2018, Ambassador for Wonder charity, Miami, USA

2017, Art in Hopsitals Charity, Roche Bobois charity, Hong Kong

2016, AMKA: African Education Projects 

2015, Alannah and Madeline Foundation charity

2015, United Colors of Benetton, Commissioned for Luciano Benetton Collection under Imago Mundi

2014, Gromit Unleashed, Hong Kong

2014, London Biennale auction, Salvation Army live auction

2013, London Biennale auction for Salvation Army, Bonhams London

2013, Muzart Charity Concert, Utah, USA

2012, St Judes Hospital donation

2012, KidsExpress Charity Auction, Sydney, Australia, 2012

Publication / Press

2016, Music of the Infinite, book launched, published by Russian Academy of Fine Arts Press

2014, Release of book tracing five years professional painting career

2014, Feature article "The Atlantic", "What Makes A Child An Art Prodigy?"

2013, Featured in Forbes Magazine

2013, Featured in American education curriculum textbook

2012, Featured in British Museum Magazine, Autumn 2012

2011, Appearances on "Good Morning America", CBS, NBC, BBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Russia Channel One etc.

2011, Appeared on front cover "The Australian" Magazine

2009, 60 Minutes, Aelita Andre segment, "The Next Big Thing"

2009, Appeared on front cover "The Age" Newspaper Australia, "The Telegraph", BBC etc.


2015, Youngest Artist Award, London Biennale, London, England

2012,"The Museum Award" International Art Award, Italy Art Museum, Italy

2011, "The Leonardo da Vinci Award" Biennale, Art Museum, Italy